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Colin Kingshott and his wife Diana are the founders of Silvercord Essences. They produce a large range of essences. Colin was born in Barry, South Wales into a family of natural healers and from an early age could feel the vibrations of flowers and see the aura that surrounds every human being. The size, shape and colour of an individual's aura can be used as a very powerful diagnostic tool. Through the years Colin has developed his natural healing ability and has practised and taught crystal healing and auragraphic diagnosis for over 15 years. They are founder members of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association. They teach vibrational medicine in Sweden and Norway where they instruct on the healing properties of crystals, sound, colour, sacred geometry , essences and the bio-energy fields. Their Swedish distribution agent has gained a licence from the government in Sweden to import Silvercord Essences.

We are specialist suppliers to professional therapists and medical doctors. Aromatherapists, homeopathic practitioners reflexologists and many more professional people are using our essences.  These essences have been produced for people like you who are interested in their mind and body, Healthcare, self healing, personal health and wellbeing, and spiritual growth, with the care and attention needed to give a quality of energy to the discerning professional. Improve your health and wellbeing, lift your mind, body and soul with our flower essences.

Correspondance Courses

We will be starting these soon. Please email us if you would like to be kept informed.