Butterfly Enhanced Sprays

These sprays have been created with guidance from an aboriginal source with the cooperation of Devic Consciousness.

Each butterfly spray has encapsulated within, the unique signature of the individual butterfly and its companion flower or tree essence, along with the ethereal vibration and gossamer lightness of love.

They can be used as a valuable tool for self-transformation and work on conscious and subconscious faculties.

The different levels of the subconscious mind control and mediate different energies of the body. The Butterfly Enhanced sprays allow us to activate this level of subconscious more consciously.

The sprays help to organise the essences to facilitate new ideas, awareness and communication. They will help to focus ones attention and not to dissipate your energies by constantly flitting from one thing to another.

These sprays could be useful to; aromatherapist, acupuncturist, colour healers, massage therapists and psychotherapists.

Using our innovative techniques no insect is harmed in any way.

Attributes taken from our comprehensive booklet

Holly Blue Butterfly Spray - Electric

Mental Plane - Effective

Healing Angel - Tzadkiel

The spray works on the level of subconscious mind that mediates cell nutrition particularly on the right hemisphere of the brain and creative functions of the mind.

Mental Plane

Surrenders to others, resists changes, communication, faith, trust and willpower

Holly Blue Butterfly Essence

For lovers of the truth, trust and faith. Communication essence for direction in life. Can increase perception

Butterfly Enhancer Sprays

The sprays can be used as an enhancement to all flower, tree and grass essences helping to organise essences to facilitate new ideas, awareness and communication. They help to restore balance to our own vibrational signatures and facilitate light energies to our bio-energy field helping to focus one's attention and stabilising energies from constantly flitting from one thing to another.

All sprays in 50ml blue bottles at £7.00

Red Admiral
Orange Tip
Holly Blue
Purple Emperor
Green Veined White
Bumble Bee
Spider's Web

Butterfly Essences
Butterfly Essences will help you to come out of your coccoon of fears allowing you into the transition of life. They remind you that you can be either a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the Future.

The above are available in essences as 10ml blue bottles at £4.50.

And Pulse Points - GB. As 10ml Roller Ball bottles at £6.00
These are to be used for the zone and meridian therapies. All roll-on applicators in 10ml clear bottles

For boxed sets please email us for full details