Sensations of Light - Chromosol Essences

Infra Red

Helps to create the groundwork, the mould for building upon.


Lack of energy


Can help you to be detached


Helps with despair, depression, loneliness or feelings of being alone.


For lack of self acceptance, inability to love and nurture others


A good support essence. Fresh feeling, cooling, spacious


Brings a quiet settled peace


Peace and love, involvement without anxiety.


Oneness, contains all colours is a key essence, can be used with all essences as a stimulant.

Ultra Violet

Stimulating, uplifting, self respect.

All essences come in 10ml bottles with a pipette at £3.25.
Boxed set of 10 essences £28.00

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Gemstone and Mineral Essences

We produce 250 Gemstone and Mineral Essences

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Attributes taken from our comprehensive book

Aventurine Green

A very calming energy, heals the heart by releasing stress, so by reuniting healthy heart and soul, also used to enhance energy flow to other areas of the body


Great for relieving stress.

Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at £3.25 each

Comprehensive booklet with full attributes available for £1.50

British Orchid Essences

Narrow Leaved Marsh - Dactylorhiza Traunsteineri

Southern Marsh - Dactylorhiza Praetermissa

Early Marsh - Dactylorhiza Incarnata

Bee - Ophrys Apifera

Pyramid - Anacamptis Pyramidalis

Marsh Helleborine - Epipactis Palustris

Musk - Herminium Monorchis

Lady - Orchis Pupurea

Common Twayblade - Listera Ovata

Orchid Blend - Orchis Coniuncto

British Orchid Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at 3.95 each
Boxed Sets of 10 Essences 35.00

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