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Grass Essences

The wind whispering qualities of Grasses encapsulated into a bottle for the discerning professional

Barley, Bearded Couch, Cotton Grass, Couch Grass, Darnel, Feather Grass, Foxtail, Knotgrass, Maize, Oats, Quaking Grass, Sand Rush, Scurvy Grass, Soft Rush, Sweet Flag, Sweet Vernal, Timothy, Velvet Bent Grass, Wavy Hair, Wheat.

Sample attribute taken from our booklet:

Knotgrass - Chakra qualities - Solar plexus

Taking this essence will help show when to bend to situations and be a little more flexible. Knot grass can also help to relieve stress or tension of the solar plexus. It impacts on the solar plexus. Our complimenatry medicine and natural health products will help improve your health and wellbeing.

Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at £3.25 each

Boxed Sets of 10 Essences £28.00

Comprehensive Booklet with full attributes

Is available for £1.50

Precious Stone Essences

Diamond - Power of truth, love and courage.

Topaz - Helps to bring happiness, laughter, deals with anger and resentment.

Ruby - Simulates intuition and higher of consciousness.

Sapphire - For Concentration, and peace of mind.

Zircon - For the truth.

Pearl - For the emotions, clinging to the past.

Emerald - For integration, balance and harmony.

Red Coral - For Energy and mood changes.

Amethyst - For Spirituality, for creative thinking and for those who are absent minded.

Yellow Sapphire - This stone is a pranic stimulator for the energy of life.

Essences come in a 10ml bottle with pipette at £3.25 each.

Boxed Sets of 10 Essences £28.00

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