Sentient Tree Essences

Tulip, Crab Apple, Willow, Lime, London Plane, Black Poplar, Holm Oak, Laburnum, Sweet Chestnut, Ash, Elder, Silver Birch, Oak, Beech, Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, Mistletoe Cherry, Yew, Whitebeam, Walnut, Scot's Pine, Beach Pine, Quince, Cypress, Horse Chestnut, Hazel, Sloe, Hawthorn, Tree of Heaven, Weeping Willow, Sycamore, Rowan, Magnolia, Juniper Holly, Alder, Acorn, Conker, Walnut (nut), Mistletoe.

Sample attribute taken from our booklet:

These sentient essences have been produced with the co-creative expression of the Intelligence, with love and understanding they contain the sound form elements of each tree encapsulated into these living essences.They can be used as affirmation keys for self healing and as catalysts for changes with mind, body and soul. These tree essences can help remove imbalances and re-align the bio-energy field.

Attributes for Oak

I will help you to break the mould, to go beyond mental and emotional patterns. I am a messenger of the light, a pilgrim on the pathway of love. I do not walk alone but know that I am one with all souls. Explore your inner space, and walk with me on an inner journey.

Attributes for Rowan

I try to bring balance, be still in mind and understand the illusion within your consciousness. I will help you to make a daily contact with the higher self and to reflect his wishes in life

Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette
at £3.25 each

Mixed Boxed Sets of 10 Essences £30.00

Comprehensive Booklet with full attributes available for £1.50

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