Swedish Fungi Essences

Silvercord has produced a range of  Fungi Essences from the Fly  Agaric to the Puff Ball fungi.

These essences are based upon the Laws of Correspondences, the fungi have a particular shape and colour that indicates the working of an intelligence.  The fungi essences are a unique matrix of interlocking energies forming a quintessential emerging new medicine.

All of these essences have been encapsulated into the vehicle of water using sound, sacred geometry, and sunlight. Our laser method is used on poisonous fungi.

There are no intrusive substances of the fungi within these essences, only their signature along with alcohol and water.

We are following along the pathway of Carl  Von-Linnaes, the father of Swedish botany, famous for his work with fungi.

Birch Polypore, Blewit, Candle Snuff, Chanterelle, Fairy Ring, Fly Agaric, Honey Fungus, Horse Mushroom, Inkcap, Japanese Umbrella, Lycoperdon Perlatum, Morel, Oyster, Parasol, Penny Bun, Puffball, Shiitake, Sulphur Tuft, Turkey Tail, Xanthoria Parietina.

Fungi Essences

These great alchemists of self transformation help to realise our own destiny by remembering that the health of our own spirit is not merely dependent on the vigour of our body, or that the spiritual purpose is not merely equated with material possessions. These catalysts of change can help us experience the transcendent experience of a collective soul.All of the fungi essences can be used as they are, but for a more natural approach should be used in combination, as all fungi are symbiotic, both being mutually advantageous to mind, body and soul.If using fungi essences singularly, four drops twice a day, if using symbiotically two drops of each essence twice a day.These are the antibiotics of the future

Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at 3.95 each

Boxed Sets of 10 Essences 35.00

Comprehensive Essence Booklet with full attributes is available for 1.50

For boxed sets please email us for full details