Welsh Flower Essences

All of our essences have their own individual key, which they lock into their vibrational pathways, adjusting consciousness and our chakra system and physical form according to the flowers vibrational picture. We are talking here of an out-pouring of vibrational energy that is released by a bio-magnetic reaction with our electromagnetic field.

Set 1

Honeysuckle, Mullien, Scarlet Pimpernel, Alkanet, White Foxglove, Weld, Welsh Poppy, Pyramid Orchid, Silverweed, Sorrel, Cornbine, Yellow Iris, Loosestrife, Self Heal, Creeping Jenny, Rosebay Willow Herb, Strawberry, Rue, Plantain, Tufted Vetch.

Set 2

Herb Robert, Viper's Bugloss, Purple Toadflax ,St John's Wort, Common Vetch, Evening Primrose, Common Poppy, Dog Rose, Pink Foxglove, Flax, Wild Clary, Marigold, Common Comfrey,
Ox Eye Daisy, Buttercup, Wood Anemone, Bluebell, Columbine, Speedwell, Stitchwort.

Set 3

Bramble, Spotted Orchid, Trefoil, Yellow Woundwort, Buddleia  Violet, Mallow, Cranesbill, Knapweed, Yellow Dock, Ragged Robin, Thrift, Cornflower, Cinquefoil, Red Clover, Elderflower, Parsley,
Red Pheasant's Eye ,Chicory, Mayweed.

Set 4
Tenby Daffodil, Russian Lettuce, Primrose, Agrimony, Rest Harrow, Chamomile, Scabious, Pineapple Weed, Sea Lavender, Kidney Vetch, Betony, Centaury, Fumitory, Policeman's Helmet, Periwinkle, Lavender, Tansy, Cleavers, Thyme, Redshank.

Flower Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at 3.25 each
Boxed Sets of 10 Essences 28.00

Comprehensive Flower Essence Booklet with full attributes is available for 1.50

Devon Wild Rose - contains 5x 10ml various wild rose essences.

Welsh Wild Rose - contains 5 x 10ml various wild rose essences


The rose essences in these boxed sets contain no rose oil but just the delicate perfume of rose water with the signature of the particular rose encapsulated within each bottle. Made with the warmth of the summer sun Devon wild rose essences can be massaged into the temples, inside the wrists or taken orally. The Rose is the symbol of charity, divine love and forgiveness. The delicate perfume of the rose has through the centuries been linked to love. Allow the secret of the rose to wrap it’s essences around you leaving you with the fond memories held close to the heart of the summer sun.

Wild Rose Essences come in 10ml bottles with pipette at 3.25 each
Boxed Sets of 5 Essences 14.95

Rose Pulsepoint.

Easy to carry and easy to use. Massage into the temples for headaches or across the brow for stress relief. Contains rose hydrolat and rose essences forming a synergistic blend of luxury.

Price per 10ml bottle @ £4 50

Rose Floral Water Spray

A posy of roses gathered for you in a spray to imbue the home with a warm fragrance of summer. Contains a blend of roses, rose hip essences.

Price per 50ml bottle @ £5 50

Summer Solstice Rose Spray

A blend of roses gathered and energised by the sun and moon on the summer

Solstice creating an alchemical marriage of energies.


Price per 12ml bottle @ £3 50

For boxed sets please email us for full details